Tea as it's meant to be
My team and I helped Zenmaia, a sustainable tea brand, tell the story of their brand and product. We saw an opportunity to add the hand-crafted quality of the packaging to the animation itself. 
That meant working with an authenthic voice, oriental inspired music and for the visuals: textures, shadows and depth.​​​​​​​
Director Anders Waltz
Co-Director Sunakshi Puri
Script & Story Gonçalo Brito, Milena Chincholle
Storyboard Anaïde Chirinian, Anders Waltz
Illustration Anaïde Chirinian, Anders Waltz, Gonçalo Brito
Animation Anders Waltz, Sunakshi Puri,
Anaïde Chirinian, Gonçalo Brito, Milena Chincholle

Sound Design Anders Waltz
Voice Artist Claudia Velhas
Comissioned by Zenmaia
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