Kickstarter Project — ‘A Book for Teens’ — by Anna Briffod
Helping teens discover themselves, find their voice & reveal their talents
Using the original art from ‘A Book for Teens’, convey the ideas and goals of the book in a 90 sec film for its Kickstarter page.
Update: 100% funded on Kickstarter!
The Goal of This Book
Equip young kids with a tool to get to know themselves and take on new challenges.
Style and Story
The book comes alive when bold teens interact with the colourful, self-reflective learning experience.
From Book to Film
After producing a script, we created the storyboard using the original artwork from the book.
🎉 We made it 🎉
This project got 100% funded on Kickstarter. Thank you sharing the journey with us.

Anna Briffod
Book author
Project owner
Asia Pietrzyk

Book layout
Ilona Kalinowska
Child psychologist
Anders Waltz
Project lead
Creative consulting
Rasmus M. Meyer
Sound FX

Comissioned by
Anna Briffod
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